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10th Kingdom Stamping
Suck an elf 
20th-Oct-2008 07:11 pm
angry, shark, tully

Location:Madrid, Spain

Describe yourself using some positive adjectives (at least three!):
Self-assured, intelligent, brilliant, sarcastic (yes, I do think this is a good traitXD) and hot

Describe yourself using some negative adjectives (at least three!):
Arrogant, lazy, harsh, selfish

What are some of your hobbies?
-Reading. I’m such a geek. I hardly go out, and when I do, it’s usually my friends pulling. Reading has been my life for many years; I have a very high capacity to absorb and memorize everything that I read, and I do so very fast. I like complicated reads, as well as light ones. I read everything that lands on my hands except for romance (except for Jane AustenXD).
-Travelling. I LOVE to go abroad; I wouldn’t say “no” to any journey to an unknown place, and many that I have been to. It’s fascinating and you find in this a richness that’s lacking from everything else in life.
-Writing. It’s how I want to live, so I better like itXD. I love writing for the same reasons I love reading. Though it tends to make me obsessed when I’m immersed in it.
-Discussion and arguing. I love this. My mom hates itXD. I feel enthusiasm sharing my conclusions and POVs, and acquiring new ones (and information) from other people. And, as I’m a VERY hard and aggressive discussion partner, I feel a lot of power while doing it.

What would you say are your strengths?:
-Self-assuredness/steem. When times are hard and things look bad, this keeps me going. When insults or treasons are thrown at or made to me, this keeps me over everyone. It sometimes breaches the line and becomes my worst quality, but I love it for what it’s worth
-Intelligence. Whatever I am, I’m not stupid. I’m, actually, very intelligent, and been told so by many different people during all my life. I thrive on it
-Optimism. I’m not cynical, or very rarely so. Optimism is the best way to be to enjoy life to the fullest and be happy and cheerful. It makes you able to think the best of everything, and the same quality forbids you to be very sad when you are let down: tomorrow will be better ^.^
-Uniqueness. I know everyone's unique in his/her own way, but too many times people say this about/to me that I had to post it. Many people say that, though I'm a hard person to be around most of the time, for the mix between being generally good at things and knowing it "too much", they still stick around me because I have "something special", there's something about me that screams "not like others" or something like that. As an incredibly conceited person most of the time, I obviously loved itXDXDXD

What would you say are your weaknesses?:
-Arrogance. OMG, am I arrogant. And I know it, and I can’t do anything about it. I have a nice body, a sharp mind and a lot of talent at what I do. And people TELL ME. What am I supposed to think? Even so, I try to change it, since it makes my mother unhappy.
-Lazyness. This is bad, because it limits my experiences and makes it hard to work on ANYTHING. I try to change this really hard, but it’s difficult when everything’s so easy to do without doing my best.
-Naiveté. This comes from being so sheltered, and coming from a very exclusive world. This bites my ass when I try to establish romantic relationships, because I feel insecure, and that’s something I can’t stand. Trying hard to erase this one as well, but it’s proving hard.
-Harshness. I'm sometimes harsh to others, even without meaning to. I argue in a loud voice and an agressive manner, almost too agressive sometimes. I'm impatient with weak people many times, and discussing about other people's lives I often simplify things out of sheer frustration with that person

What are you afraid of?:
-Bees and similar insects. I can’t really explain this one, it’s something I was born with. Past experiences with them didn’t help, either, because I’ve been bit thrice: in my face, in my armpit and in my groin. Go figure
-Death of my close family. I guess that’s something most everyone would have. They’re my strongest allies and I love them fiercely
-Fail at life and never reach any of my dreams. I’m very concerned with success and with transcending in history. I’m creative and I go nuts when I can’t film, write or read and analyze something. I have huge goals and expectations; not being able to achieve them would be the worst kind of thing that could happen to me. And I love the high life, the beautiful people and the comforts of success, the big houses, expensive travelling and rich exotic foods; and of course, I love travelling and knowing new cultures and places. Not being able to know all of them by myself –and not my parents- would be the worst thing possible.

Do you believe in magic?:Yes, in some ways, there are still magical things and happenings that science can't explain

Do you believe in happy endings?:Of course!!! I appreciate my bittersweet or tragic ending once in a while, but happy endings are the ones that I'll remember best and hold closer to my heart. In fact, I think, whatever others say, everybody wants a happy ending in the end

What is your favorite fairy tale? Why? (We’ll accept myth/legend if you prefer.):
My favourite myths are the War of Troy, Ganymedes tale and Lucifer's fall. But in fairytales, my favourite is Beauty and the Beast. Mainly because Belle kicks ass

Which appeals more…
Fame or Fortune?Fame!! I want to enter the annals of History. But Fortune is very very appreciated as well
Impulse or Planning?Impulse, but that's cause I can't plan if my life depended on itXD. Impulsive decisisions are the spice of life ^.^
Family or Friends?Tough one. Family, my mom is the single most important person in the whole world
Heart over mind or Mind over heart?:Depends on the situation. I'd say heart, for the most part, but sometimes the mind can save you much pain
Is the glass half-empty or half-full?:Half-full!!! Life is always full of things ^.^

If you alone could save the world, but you had to risk losing your family in the process, would you still do it? (Please answer with more than one word.):No way. The world can go to hell for all I care, but my mom has to be safe. Of course, if she was going to be hurt or die because of the world going to hell, then I would.

If you could have one wish come true, what would it be?Eternal life. For real. I’d be able to adapt without a doubt. I can’t stand not knowing what wonders will come and I won’t be able to see, and being mortal, I will ever have enough time to do, and see, and read everything I want to, life is too full of things to experience.
My family too, if they want

Sum yourself up in one word:Brilliance

Are you willing to be voted as a character of the opposite gender?:Of course!!! I wanted to be aboy when I was littleXD




21st-Oct-2008 12:10 am (UTC)
I'm torn between Wolf and Sally Peep.
10th-Feb-2009 03:39 pm (UTC)
8th-Jun-2009 01:12 am (UTC)
I am going to say Sally Peep =)
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