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10th Kingdom Stamping

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A stamping community for fans of the TV mini series "10th Kingdom". Join to find out which character you are most like!


1. Join the community.
2. Fill out the survey located below. Remember that longer reponses make for more accurate stamps.
3. Avoid writing a survey in order to push people to vote a certain way. This defeats the purpose.
4. Please add at least three pictures at the end of your survey. No nudity, or other inappropriate pictures. No excessive PhotoShopping. Pictures with you dressed up in costumes are encouraged.
5. You must use an lj-cut! Applications without lj-cuts will be deleted. If you need help with this feel free to ask one of the maintainers.
6. Place suck an elf in the subject line to show you have read the rules.
7. One of the mods will stamp you after you have received 10 votes or one week has passed.
8.Please no "spamming" in postscomments.Meaning conversations that are not related to voting.


1. You must be a member of the community in order to vote.
2. You do not have to be stamped in order to vote. You also do not have to have your application posted in order to vote.
3. Bold your vote, ie. < b>Virginia</b> (just remove the spaces when you do it).
4. Please be signed in when you vote.
5. Explain the reason for your vote if you can.
6. Please limit your vote to one or two characters from the list.

Note: Voting keeps us alive! Please don't let us die!


1. You must be stamped in order to make any post that is not related to applying.
2. Place "stamped" in the subject when making other posts.
3. Promoting other stamping communities is allowed, or communities related to 10th kingdom, fairy tales, actors from the movie, fantasy. You can use your own discretion here, or ask one of the mods if you're unsure.
4. You may re-apply if you feel you were stamped incorrectly. However, we ask that you wait at least one month before doing so.
5. Please treat fellow members respectfully.
6. Have Fun!

Virginia Lewis
The Evil Queen
Sally Peep
Snow White
Gypsy Queen

Anthony 'Tony' Lewis
Prince Wendell
Relish the Troll King
Blue Bell
The Huntsman
Acorn the Dwarf
Clayface the Goblin

The Singing Ring

The stamps can be viewed here.
Please feel free to show off your stamp, we only ask that you save it to your own server, because hotlinking = evil. Cheerio.

Stamped Members:
Check out the stamped members list here.

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Any further questions may be directed to either of the maintainers: sweet_elphaba ,dicelees and irisconlon.

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